Micro Bird MFSAB

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Micro Bird MFSAB
Micro Bird MFSAB


Features and benefits

  • Extra wide body design
  • Aerodynamic styling

  • Wider seating for increased comfort

  • Wider aisle for increased safety

  • Better compartmentalization

  • Maximum visibility of loading zone
  • Newly designed fully-glassed entrance door and unobstructed 17.5 in. “More-View” window

  • Better fuel economy
  • Narrow body width

  • Responsive power

  • Low-end acceleration & high-end efficiency (6-speed automatic transmission)

  • Aerodynamic design

  • Contemporary ergonomics & design
  • Maximized driver visibility

  • Optimized driver ergonomics

  • Aerodynamics supports fuel efficiency

  • Superior Insulation
  • 1.5’’ fiberglass throughout

  • Insulated roof bows

  • Reduction in noise transfer into passenger compartment

  • Prevents condensation

  • Galvanized Steel Structure and Side Impact Barriers
  • Steel body frame ensures that all exterior elements, including dust, moisture and noise, remain outside the passenger compartment

  • Superior side impact protection is offered by the use of heavy-gauge steel side impact barriers that incorporate the seat rail into the design for extra strength

  • Heavy duty frame option for severe applications available

  • Standard LED lights
  • Enhance safety

  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs

  • Maintenance friendly
  • Accessible wiring & electrical compartment

  • Accessible engine compartment


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