Gasoline Engine Ready to Roll!

Until the early 1980’s, gasoline engines were the dominant engine in the school bus market.  However, that changed for several reasons:

  • Diesel engines were simpler than gasoline engines of the time
  • Diesel engines had a well-earned reputation for longevity but…
  • The big reason was diesel fuel was cheaper than gasoline

However, in the 30+ years since diesel took over, a number of things have changed:

  • Diesel engines are more complex.  Hardware and software has been added in order to make diesel meet EPA emission standards.
  • Gasoline engines have become more reliable and have incorporated features such as direct-injection that have improved their longevity and reliability.
  • Finally, fuel prices become comparable and in some instances, gasoline is less expensive than the ultra-low sulfur diesel required by diesel engines today.

Combined with an initial lower acquisition cost, gasoline power may be the way to go for the future.  See your Canyon State Bus Sales represntative and ask them about how the Blue Bird Gasoline Vision may work in your fleet